Myvi Workshop & Toyota86 Turbo Engine Specialist

Bengkel2000 is a Myvi workshop and also highly experience Toyota86 turbocharge engine installer in Kuala Lumpur.

Bengkel2000 Myvi Workshop

Bengkel2000 Myvi workshop is providing Myvi maintenance and repairing solution for the Myvi owner in Kuala Lumpur. Literally, Bengkel2000 is a professional Myvi workshop with good experience. Hence, the Bengkel2000 Myvi workshop will offer Myvi repairing service with updated skill. Thus, the Myvi owner can send their car to Bengkel2000 to fix the mechanical issue of Myvi.

Bengkel2000Pro Toyota86 Workshop

Bengkel2000Pro is a reliable Toyota86 workshop in Kuala Lumpur. Generally, Bengkel2000Pro Toyota 86 is providing maintenance and mechanical parts repairing services for Toyota86. This is because Toyota86 require regular maintenance service to prolong the lifespan of the FA20 engine. Furthermore, Bengkel2000Pro is offering several repairing solutions for Toyota86.

Bengkel2000 Services

Generally, Bengkel2000 is a Myvi86 workshop with professional services. On the other hand, Bengkel2000Pro is also a Toyota86 repairing and upgrading workshop in Kuala Lumpur. Thus, Bengkel2000 is offering the services as below :

  • Myvi Maintenance Service
  • Myvi Mechanical Part Repairing
  • Toyota86 Maintenance Service
  • Toyota86 Turbocharging Solution
Bengkel2000 Myvi Workshop And Toyota86 Turbo Specialist Cover Pic

Myvi Workshop Mechanical System Repairing

Myvi Workshop of Bengkel2000 is specializing in repairing Myvi mechanical system. Hence, Bengkel2000 workshop will able to help the Myvi owner to fix the problem as stated below :

  • Braking Issue
  • Engine Problem
  • Cooling System Issue
  • Oil or Coolant Leakage Issue
  • Suspension Problem
  • Handling System Issue

Thus, the owner of Myvi can contact Bengkel2000 to understand the info about the repairing service for Myvi. Furthermore, Bengkel2000 is offering the mechanical problem inspection and reviewing service for Myvi.

Myvi Maintenance Solution

The Myvi maintenance solution is a practical and ideal method to maintenance the condition of Myvi. Literally, Myvi just like the other daily drive car which require maintenance solution to take care of its mechanical parts. Hence, Bengkel2000 Myvi workshop is providing several maintenance packages for Myvi which has reach several millage limit. So, the Myvi owner can visit Bengkel2000 to review which package is fulfilling their requirement.

Turbocharge Toyota86 Engine

On the other hand, Bengkel2000Pro is offering turbocharge system installation service for Toyota86. In other words, Bengkel2000 is providing the solution for the Toyota86 owner to setup a turbo engine. Generally, the Toyota86 FA20 engine is making 200hp with stock setting and parts. Hence, some Toyota86 owner wish to install a turbocharge engine for Toyota86. This is because the Turbo system will able to help the FA20 engine to get higher pressure intake air flow. As a result, the ECU can increase the air fuel mixture density to allow the engine to make more powerful combustion. So, the turbocharge Toyota86 engine will generate more horsepower for better driving experience.

Toyota86 Maintenance Services

The Toyota86 maintenance workshop of Bengkel2000Pro is specializing in maintaining Toyota86. Thus, the Toyota86 owner can send their Tooyota86 to Bengkel2000Pro to go through the maintenance process. During the Toyota86 maintenance process, Bengkel2000Pro will change the engine oil, oil filter and intake air filter.

Furthermore, the Toyota86 mechanic will check the brake pad, coolant level and several belts condition.