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    Welcome To Bengkel2000

    Bengkel2000Pro Myvi Maintenance Workshop And Toyota86 Turbo Engine Specialist

    Hi, feel free to contact Bengkel2000Pro Toyota86 workshop and also Myvi workshop in Kuala Lumpur. Hence, Bengkel2000Pro will share more information about car maintenance and upgrade solution. Thus, please talk to us if you wish to know more about the following services :

    • 1.Myvi Maintenance
    • 2.Brake System Repairing
    • 3.Engine Parts Repairing
    • 4.Suspension Repairing
    • 5.Tyre Change
    • 6.Toyota86 Maintenance Service
    • 7.Toyota86 Suspension Upgrade
    • 8.Toyota86 Turbocharge Engine

    Bengkel2000 Myvi Maintenance Workshop

    Bengkel2000 is a professional Myvi maintenance workshop in Kuala Lumpur. Hence, Bengkel2000 Myvi mechanic is providing engine oil change, brake pad replacement and suspension system maintenance solution.

    Generally, the Myvi maintenance workshop is offering the solution to prolong the lifespan of Myvi. Thus, the Myvi can operate safely and smoothly on the road. Hence, the driver of Myvi will reduce the risk of having mechanic issue on the road.

    Myvi is a super practical car in Malaysia. Hence, the maintenance is a good solution to make sure the Myvi is in good condition.

    Toyota86 Workshop

    On the other hand, Bengkel2000Pro is an experienced Toyota86 workshop in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Generally, Bengkel2000Pro is offering several practical Toyota86 maintenance service. Hence, the toyota86 owner can send their car for regular maintenance service.

    Furthermore, Bengkel2000Pro Toyota86 workshop is specializing in repairing Toyota86. Hence, Bengkel2000Pro will able to repair Toyota86 handling system, mounting parts, suspension and also other mechanical parts. Nevertheless, Bengkel2000 Toyota86 workshop is providing engine upgrade solution for Toyota86.

    Myvi Maintenance Workshop Repairing Service

    Bengkel2000Pro is specializing in providing Myvi repair and maintenance service in Kuala Lumpur. Generally, Myvi is practical and reliable car in Malaysia. Hence, Myvi is a high usage frequent daily drive car in Malaysia. Thus, Bengkel2000Pro is offering several Myvi repairing service to repair the parts as below :

    • Braking System
    • Engine Parts
    • Suspension System
    • Handling System
    • Intake and Exhaust Parts
    • Engine Cooling System

    Feel free to contact Bengkel2000 Myvi workshop to know more about the repairing service for Myvi. Literally, Bengkel2000 is always happy to assist and share the info that we know.

    Toyota86 Turbocharging Solution

    The Bengkel2000Pro Toyota86 Turbocharging team is able to provide several turbocharging solution for Toyota86. If you are joining motorsport racing or drifting event, your Toyota86 may need a turbocharge engine. Hence, Bengkel2000Pro Toyota86 turbo engine specialist is offering the turbo engine setup and tuning services. Thus, the Toyota86 can has a turbocharging engine to gain more horsepower and torque.

    Toyota86 Turbo Engine Tuning

    Furthermore, Bengkel2000Pro is offering Toyota86 turbo engine tuning services for Motorsport racing purpose. Generally, the Toyota86 turbo engine will need a new set of mapping to operate smoothly. Thus, the Toyota86 turbo engine specialist may install Motec or ECUtek for the turbo engine. Hence, the tuner will tune the mapping of the new ECU. As the result, the Toyota86 turbo engine will boost more horsepower and torque with proper mapping.