Toyota86 Turbo Engine Workshop In Kuala Lumpur

About Toyota86 Turbo Engine Workshop

The Toyta86 Turbo Engine workshop is providing turbo system installation service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Generally, the Toyota86 Turbo Engine workshop will help the Toyota86 to setup the turbocharging system. Hence, the turbocharging system will able to boost the FA20 engine of Toyota86.

Generally, the Toyota86 has a NA FA20 engine. In stock setting, the Toyota86 engine can make about 200 horsepower. Thus, some Toyota86 owner wish their Toyota86 can make more power for motorsport racing and drifting purpose.

As a reference info, the FA20 engine with stock piston, conrod, crank and block can withstand about 250 to 280 horsepower. So, feel free to contact Toyota86 Turbo Engine workshop to know the info about the turbo system. At the same time, the Toyota86 owners can always share what they wish their Toyota86 engine can do. Literally, Toyota86 turbo engine workshop will try the best to help and assist motorsport joiner.

Toyota86 Turbo Engine Price Range In Kuala Lumpur

Generally, different turbo system setup and package for Toyota86 will have different price range. Hence, the following price range is a reference info about the estimated cost of turbocharging system for Toyota86.

Beginning Level - Bolt-on Turbo Supply and Installation Cost: RM6500 – RM9000

For this level of turbocharging system setup solution, the Toyota86 will has full set of piping and hosting for turbocharging. At the same time, there is an intercooler for the Toyota86.

Next, the Toyota86 turbo engine workshop will install the bolt-on turbo and pressure wastegate for the turbocharging system. Literally, different bolt-on turbo and wastegate will cause the price differences. Normally, some Toyota86 will use the used turbo or OEM turbo to reduce the turbo system cost. On the other hand, some Toyota86 owner select new set of Turbo which will increase the turbo system cost. In shorts, the Toyota86 owner can select several combinations with the assist of Toyota86 turbo engine workshop to setup the turbocharging system.

As a reference info, the boost pressure for the beginning level should always control below 4psi. This is because the stock ECU mapping of Toyota86 does not know how to control turbo engine with higher boost.

Second Stage – Toyota86 Turbocharging System Parts and Installation Cost: From 12000

The second stage of Toyota86 Turbocharging system will require the new ECU setup. Normally, some Toyota86 owner will select Motec for more tuning feature. On the other hand, some Toyota86 owner will select ECUtek and other Piggyback to control the turbocharging installation budget. Generally, the ECUtek and Piggyback are good to control turbo engine with the boost in between 0.3 to 0.7bar. When the Toyota86 turbo engine is having 0.5bar(7.5psi) of boost, the engine can make about 230 to 250 horsepower.

Third Stage Toyota86 Turbocharging System: From RM20000

When the Toyota86 turbo engine require higher boost, the Toyota86 need engine parts upgrade solution. If the Toyota86 turbo engine is going to make over 300hp, the FA20 engine need new fuel injector and oil pump. On the other hand, the FA20 engine will require stronger piston and conrod to if the turbo boost is over 1bar. In shorts, the Toyota86 need engine rebuild solution to has high boost turbocharging system.

Toyota86 Turbo Engine Workshop QnA -Why Turbocharge Toyota86 Engine Can Make More Power?

The turbo will increase the pressure at the intake to make more air flow into the engine. Hence, the ECU can inject more fuel to increase the air fuel mixture density. When the engine has more air and fuel, the engine combustion will become more powerful. As a result, the Toyota86 turbo engine can generate more power and torque.

Does Toyota86 need ECU Tuning Service After Having a Turbo System?

Yes. The Toyota86 need a new set of mapping with good ECU setup to control the turbo engine. Generally, the Toyota86 stock mapping is good to control the NA engine. When the engine has turbo system, more air will flow into the engine via the intake. So, the Toyota86 stock mapping will not know how to handle the condition when the intake air flow density is high. As a result, the Toyota86 turbo engine workshop will suggest the Toyota86 to do ECU tuning.

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